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After signing a new contract, Newton adheres to money to change his way. He still sprint and bowes to the scorpion acquisition code when needed. "There is no thing in this contract to change my play mode," he said to the local media. "I am still a person who is winning at all costs, but I have to understand my meaning of the team. We always talk about smart play and I am smart and I am homing and I am smart & mdash; & mdash; Ron Rivera And me, there is Dave gettleman. I feel very good, I will be more careful when I am in the ball and make this process more stable. "

This is the first time with the first time in 2011, two quarters have achieved 4 reachaes. The last completed this achievement is the packaging worker four-point guards, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn. This also proves that the four-point guard replacement does not constitute a problem.

Les Snide (Les Snie), General Manager of Los Angeles, said that the team understands that Donald does not participate in the training camp, but the team is not worried that he will miss the new season. "What do we need to do for his contract, I You can tell you that we are very serious about reappearing, perfecting all details, but we respect Allen, respecting him as a player, as a personal contribution. "

Elvi's investment in Rocke in this year, this means that this year is a good opportunity to prove his own opportunity for Locke. If Rock also fails, then Yiervi will no longer have the opportunity to choose the next quarter-off for the wild horse.

Drew Lock hopes to change this. He said in an interview that he wants to play outstanding in the new season, ensuring that the outside world will no longer suspect that Elvi will choose the second round of the selection of this year.

Ram Donald Skipping Voluntary Training Camp for Contract Negotiation
Occupational Bowl Defolded Line players Allen Don Donald missed the first day of the team US Time, because he was negotiating with the team.

The jet outer hand Jamison Crowder is injured in the left foot in Monday, and the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging will be accepted. Last year he missed 7 games due to the right ankle injury. If the injury is not a big problem, Claude should be one of the number one weapons of Sam Darnold.
Former AAF players, Emirates Kelith Reaser Clarion tear. Right Diffuse Michel - Mitchell Schwartz leaving the training.
Justin Reid is added to the list of non-rugby injuries.
The crow is expected to be signed, Joe Callahan, is currently waiting for physical examination results.
Tiger outside the Tiger, John Ross, the leg crisp, injury needs daily observation, you may absence two weeks. NOAH Dawkins has passed the medical examination.
Alfred Morris will go to Saints.
Pirate Safety Wei Alon - Sturt Stewart Knee Cross Torn Torn.
Brown Wires Garden Efri (ankle) did not participate in training, running Kareem Hunt (groin) remains in the list of non-rugby injuries.
Bill signed the close-edge Kyle Carter, cutting the line Wei Zhuwan - JUWAN FOGGIE.
Robert Nkemdiche, no one, has become a free player.

Even after the big contract is given to Newton, the Black Panther is not intended to change the offensive system or to limit Newton's play. "He will play according to his way, that is, you will see," The coach Ron Rivira said. "Inside your heart, this is nothing to do with money. Someone asked me, do you think that will change him? I said no, he already has money. He already has a rookie contract and all advertising revenue. This will not change he."

Since then, between October to December, Glenn was renewed six times, until it was once again signed into the team training list on December 2 last year, and the honor of the Super Bowl was obtained with the patriots.

Falls completed these reacons with four different external hands. In the whole game, the 237 yards were obtained from 4 to 4. Doug Pederson is very satisfied with this: "I think he is very good, it is really good. I think he is very good to show your ability."

"I know that there are many discussions on Denver's quadrant position," Locke said. "Obviously Pelton has been four-day-off. We have some excellent quartz, have a four-point guard, I don't want to play the ball for John, I don't want to fight the quarter-free. I want It is a stable four-point guard for him. I want to show the right quarter-off to everyone. "

Last month, the rave did the fifth year of Donald, Bispro.iainpare.ac.Id ensuring that he will stay in the team in 2018. The next year will pay him 7 million US dollars, Less said: "There is no doubt that he is a Good player, we hope that he is here, this is our goal, I think his goal is also a member of the ram, and this is what we are working hard. "

List review: Patriot and right cut plus agglomeration contract
Beijing July 30, the Patriot and the old will be restructured by Marcus Cannon. Now Gongnong has a $ 4.5 million security funds in the 2019 season. In addition, the team has also added some incentive clauses that allow Gongnan's total contracts with a maximum of $ 24 million.
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