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Rapid Cash Payday Loans Review 2022


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Lenders generally don't place limits on how money can be spent. On the other hand, emergency loans are expensive to repay, so you shouldn’t use them to pay for gifts or vacations. The most frequent reasons to take out an emergency loan are for medical costs, home repairs and necessary purchases. You can also get car repairs loans, funeral loans and emergency mortgage loans.

Rapid Cash

Speedy Cash has been licensed in several states in the U.S., including Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. They offer short-term loans over the telephone, online and in store. Speedy Cash seeks to establish a relationship with customers by offering payday loans as well as installment loans and title loans.

Overall satisfaction rating

  • The highest APR

Bottom line

The short-term lender Speedy Cash offers title loans, payday loans and installment loans.

Review of Top Speedy Cash

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Speedy Cash is a wonderful company. Speedy Cash is my favorite payday loan company. It was very fast! Speedy Cash will be a great choice for my family.

Customer service is quick and efficient. It is easy to apply online for a loan. This is an excellent option for those in financial distress, however it will not be a permanent fix.

Some states make payday loans illegal. Payday loans carry high risk and have extremely high interest rates. Before borrowing, it is important to be fully informed about the terms, conditions, and fees of payday loans.

Online loans for speedy cash

Speedy Cash is a short-term loan company that’s available in 29 states. The company offers three types of cash loans: installment loans, payday loans, and title loans.

Speedy Cash is a specialist in payday loans online. Borrowers use these to meet a temporary cash requirement and pay interest when they get their next payday.

It is easy to get Speedy cash loans. The company also offers in-store services for those who would prefer to work with a real lender. If you’re interested in Speedy Cash’s services, start by visiting its website and creating an account or calling its customer service phone number.

Need a fast cash loan?

While the requirements for title, payday and installment loans vary in each state, these are the basics for Speedy Cash loans.

  • An income stream that is steady
  • Bank account
  • An active phone number
  • An email address

The availability of loans and the amount they are available depend on where you reside. Before applying, make sure that your state has its own regulations.

Rates of interest for Cash in a hurry

Speedy Cash’s annual percentage rates vary depending on:

  • The type of loan you’re applying for
  • Lender term
  • Wherever you are located

An individual seeking a $200 payday loan can expect an APR of around 460%. The loan period is for 14 days. If they repay the loan in full, they will pay $35.30 finance fees.

Quick Cash FAQ

  • An income stream steady
  • Bank account
  • Phone number
  • An email address

Speedy Cash is legit?

The company Speedy cash offers quick funding up to $26,000 online and payday loans in store. Speedy Cash offers a variety of loan types so that customers can pick the best option for them and their finances. Speedy Cash has high interest rates, but it is still a viable option for those who require cash quickly and are able to pay the loan back in the time allowed.

Review of Speedy Cash

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Online financial services were extremely helpful and patient. The online financial services helped me obtain the loan that I required with many options. They also helped me navigate my way so they could help me. They are friendly and always professional. Speedy Cash is the only place I go when I have a need for a loan.

Easy loan application and instant debit card funding. It is great! Keep that feature. Thank you for making it so easy.

You will be granted access to your account online to verify that you are able to repay the loan. After verifying your bank information, they will tell you that you have been approved. They'll then deposit the money in your account within one day. Soon after, your phone is filled with telemarketers. I believe maybe their real income could come from selling your data. They started sending me emails encouraging me to go to the store to pick up the cash. It was an hour-round trip for me because I needed a car repair loan. You will need a drivers' license, a debit card that can be linked to your account, and – finally – a reference number to verify your loan approval.

They ask me to do so and then I take my car to the store to collect my money. I refused to accept any pay slips and the whole process was halted. It was a waste of time and I can't believe they didn't want to give me a loan. It's amazing how many leads telemarketers can get from a simple list of telephone numbers and addresses. That's a pretty poor way to use people at their lowest points in life and make them feel better. Shame on them. Karma is real. This is just food for thought. The scary part? They get more. Because of this, I am changing banks.

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Speedy Cash was advertised as a title lender with the purpose of providing emergency cash loans. According to Speedy Cash, loan amounts will be determined according to income and repayment ability. According to the company, no loan will be approved if the borrower is not able or able pay the amount due to income verification. September 8, 2021. My loan application was accepted for an amount that is based upon doctored income. Although bank records showing direct deposit were presented and pay stubs, they did not approve my loan application. The employee eager to approve and gain what I believe to be a "sale" doctored my income to increase the amount loaned out knowing that this would not be something feasible to repay.

The representative also failed to explain the long contract or my payment options to me or disclose the consequences and details of any adverse actions if I didn't meet the obligations. To increase sales, my company has committed fraud. Although the contract stated that the loan would be paid biweekly, they did not state this in the paperwork I signed. The payment amount was not to be used to pay the interest. The loan term is for seven years. The consumer will be charged an 8.00 per day interest, regardless of whether payment was received on time. If the loan is not paid off, they will essentially be a second lien holder on my car.

They advertised affordable lending in which reasonable parties could utilize for life’s unexpected events.

by Rising Star (37.0k points)

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